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Students of the Faculty of law studied the state of educational work

To define the dynamics of educational work at the faculty, the most active of the Students’ Club of the Faculty of law conducted the questionnaire of the students and teachers.
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24.11.2006 11:22

The 17-th anniversary of the Faculty of law

Today in the hall of ZNU celebration of the 17-th anniversary of the Faculty of law took place. A lot of guests came to congratulate lawyers with their holiday: colleagues, friends from other faculties, vice-rector of ZNU, candidate of law, a faculty’s graduate Olexandr Bondar.
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24.11.2006 10:26

Competition of the students’ scientific works

Under the guidance of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration the competition of the students’ scientific works by the talented youth was held. Our students are among its winners.
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23.11.2006 19:49

The meeting with graduates of the Pedagogical College – the future students of ZNU

On the 20-th of November an action on professional publicity of the faculty of Preliminary Education was held – the meeting of representatives of the Administration and faculties of Zaporizhzhya National University with students and teachers of Zaporizhzhya Pedagogical College.
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23.11.2006 19:43

Presentation of the book “Rehabilitated by History”

Yesterday in the reading hall for the philological literature the presentation of the second volume of the book “Rehabilitated by History” took place. For more than 10 years its editorial board – Ol’ga Zajkovs’ka (the head), a writer Petro Rebro (the vice-head), the head of Zaporizhzhya organization of Ukrainian Writers’ Union Grigorij Lutyj, the doctor of History, the vice-rector of ZNU Fedir Turchenko, director of the Zaporizhzhya regional archives olexander Tedeev – returns the good fame to unjustly repressed inhabitants of the city. This book is the result of the hard work of these people.
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23.11.2006 17:44

Presentation of the international historical investigations in Zaporizhzhya National University

Today in the Scientific Library of ZNU presentation of the book “Nestor Mahno. The peasant movement in Ukraine in 1918-1921. Documents and materials.” It came to life due to the fruitful cooperation of Ukrainian and Russian scientists.
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23.11.2006 17:43

Students of ZNU have met the poetess Lubov Gen’ba

In Zaporizhzhya National University the literary soiree of the famous Zaporizhzhya poetess, the member of Ukrainian Writers’ Union, Lubov Gen’ba took place. It was Philological Faculty, that organized this meeting.
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22.11.2006 19:37

The closed championship of the Club of the Jovial and Quick-Witted

The International Students’ Day have been celebrated at full force in our University this year. From all the numerous actions the 2-hours-length’s performance by teams of the Club of the Jovial and Quick-Witted turned out to be the brightest and the most interesting for students. It took place in the hall of the second building and really had a great success among the fans. To tell the truth, most of them went to the 1|8 final in skeptical mood, thinking “There will be nothing to laugh at…” But debutants topped all their expectations!
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22.11.2006 19:35

Bolonja system have been discussed on the Scientific-Methodical Council

Coordinator of the project on journalism education reform in Ukraine, consultant of BBC World Service Trust Marek Beckerman in course of his visit to Zaporizhzhya National University took part in a meeting of its Scientific-Methodical Council.
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22.11.2006 19:33

Students of ZNU study new economic technologies

Dr Wolfgang Schmall, the head of the Logistic’s Institute (Berlin, Germany), payed a business call to Zaporizhzhya National University. His aim was delivering lectures on a course “Rational planning and effective usage of state and private areas, using the progressive method of logistics” to the students of Management Faculty.
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22.11.2006 19:31
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