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In ZNU determined winners of the contest "Let us introduce ourselves, 1st year!"

November 17, to the International Students' Day in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a gala concert of the contest "Let us introduce ourselves, 1st year!". It was a welcome feast for freshmen who wished to find out who won an intense four-day contest, and for their senior colleagues who attended the ceremony to support first-year students, and see performances by emerging talent of our university. By the way, the organizers of the event - ZNU members of the Cultural Center, called the concert "Birthday of Stars". During the festival rewarded not only the most talented young artists of our university, but also those who won the faculty and university stages of the contest "Student of the Year".
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18.11.2014 15:26

ZNU and University of Maine (France) extends the scopes of cooperation

November 18 to Zaporizhzhya National University with official working visit came honorary professor, honorary director of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Maine (Le Mans, France) to sign an agreement on further cooperation with our university.
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18.11.2014 14:33

Dean of the FSSA Maksym Lepskyi took part in the 6th Black Sea International Symposium

In early November at the Giresun University (Turkey) was held the 6th Black Sea International Symposium on strategic relations of which are located around the Black and Caspian Seas. Participating in the event were ambassadors, statesmen, scholars and leaders of higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, Poland, USA, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Romania, Russia and so on. One of the participants of the Symposium was the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration of ZNU, professor Maksym Lepskyi. Maksym Lepskyi was appointed as the moderator of a section of international meetings and presented a report "Cross-border relations strategy".
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18.11.2014 14:30

Representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Languages held classes of English Speaking Club with prospective students

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages has always been important to keep in touch with schools, in order high school students demonstrate the benefits of student life interesting. Representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Languages try to share their knowledge and passion with those, whom would prefer to see among students of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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18.11.2014 14:28

In Economics and Law College of ZNU celebrated the International Students' Day

November 17 Student Government and teachers of Economics and Law College of ZNU came together to celebrate the International Students' Day. In a festive event organized by Students' Council of ELC with support of the teaching staff of the college, was attended by students, teachers and honored guests.
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18.11.2014 09:40

ZNU students received diplomas from Zaporizhzhya City Council

November 17 in Zaporizhia city administration was held a traditional celebration of the International Srudents' Day and awarding the best students of city. The hosts of the event were students of ZNU, studio presenters, participants of "STEM-MS" of Cultural Center of ZNU - Denys Bilokon and Kateryna Domina.
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17.11.2014 15:59

Faculty of Journalism ZNU celebrated its 10th anniversary

November 14 Journalism Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University celebrated its first anniversary - 10 years since its foundation. The gala event brought together teachers, students, alumni of the Faculty of Journalism, as well as honored guests.
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17.11.2014 14:40

Dear students!

The Rector's office, teachers and staff of Zaporizhzhya National University congratulate you on the International Students' Day!
We wish you inspiration, patience and persistence in education, success in finding your true calling and great luck! Use all the opportunities that life gives you, for your personal development, improving professional skills, expand outlook.
Listen to different opinions, but make your own conclusions, because of your indifferent approach to life, active participation in public life largely depends on the future of Ukraine. Let friends will always be next to you, and your life will be filled with creative projects and fun trips!
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17.11.2014 12:14

Among the best students of the region - representatives of ZNU

November 14, on the eve of International Students' Day in Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration has awarded the winners of the regional competition "Student of the Year 2014", and scholarship holders ZRSA. Among the recipients were representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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17.11.2014 12:13

At the Faculty of History was elected Head of the Students' Council

In an extraordinary report and election conference of the Historical Faculty elected Head of the Students' Council of the Faculty. For the right to occupy the post of Faculty, struggled students Maksym Kasian and Kateryna Cherniak. Protocol at the event were registered 34 persons during registration received their credentials.
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17.11.2014 11:20
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