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ZNU Jurists Consult Social Help Center

The teachers and students of the Law Department consulted the Social Help Center of the Ordzhonikidze city district.
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25.09.2009 20:07

ZNU Representatives Participate in the Ukrainian Constitution Adoption

The Committee of the Voters had its meeting in Zaporizhzhzya Oblast Administration this week. ZNU teachers and students leading by the dean of the Law Department Tetiana Kolomoets took part in the meeting. The meeting was devoted to the discussing of the new Constitution project proposed by the President of Ukraine.
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25.09.2009 20:01

The ZNU Student Passed the “Session”!

The Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology senior Ganna Nosenko won the first prize at the International Youth Art Festival Session-2009 held on September 19th in Borispil, Kyiv oblast.
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24.09.2009 20:12

Peace to World

The third Tuesday of September is the International Day of Peace. The Zaporizhzhya National University joined the celebration of this holiday. The thematic musical break followed by mini concert was held in front of the second building of ZNU.
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23.09.2009 20:13

Professional Secrets of the “Weekly Mirror” for ZNU Journalism Students

The editor-in-chief assistant editor of the national newspaper “Weekly Mirror” Julia Mostova held a meeting with Journalism Department students and faculty today. She shared her professional secrets with future journalists on her master-class.
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22.09.2009 20:16

Improving Ukrainian History Textbooks: Asking Polish Scientists Help

Ukrainian and Polish experts are discussing Ukrainian History textbooks these days in ZNU. It is the 20th time the Ukrainian-Polish meeting is held.
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22.09.2009 20:14

Double Diploma for ZNU Students

Starting this year ZNU students have the opportunity to earn two diplomas – Ukrainian and French. There is an agreement with French University du Men about the exchange program with ZNU.
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21.09.2009 20:21

German Ambassador Visited ZNU

German Ambassador Dr. Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth visited ZNU. It was the part of his official visit to Zaporizhzhya. The ambassador had a meeting with students and discussed a lot of matters regarding current and previous joint German-Ukrainian projects ZNU participates in.
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18.09.2009 20:22

ZNU Physics Hold Conference

Forth Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Semiconductors Physics started September 15th in ZNU. It is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Semiconductors of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. ZNU participates in the conference as a co-organizer.
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15.09.2009 20:23

Knowledge Day in ZNU

The 2009-2010 academic year has begun! There was the great celebration of this holiday in the university on September 1st.
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01.09.2009 20:26
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