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Independent Sociological Researches of ZNU in Country and World

10.08.2011 18:27 Центр незалежних соціологічних досліджень Опитування Працевлаштування Абітурієнт-2011

The Center of the Independent Sociological Researches is one of the newest structural departments of ZNU. The actual problems researching were the reason of its creating. It works on the consulting services using the sociological research in social, political, economical, and other fields of public life.

During the period of its work the Center of ISR conducted the researching programs for the ZNU development. The results of the researches are being published at the web-site of the independent informational portal, and the ZNU web-page
According to the recent research results almost 25% of the ZNU applicants think that ZNU is one of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine. 35-40% noted that the good advantage of ZNU is the possibility to get the state scholarship.

The most important factor in the specialty choosing the respondents named the wage level (70%) and the perspective of the career development (almost 57%). The company image, the social benefits package and the location of the work place are the least important factors for the respondents.
The ISR Center Director Nadiya Penkova, the specialist Olga Ruban and statist Maria Boyko work on these projects.

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