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Presentation of a new book by Andriy Avdeyenko held in ZNU

19.01.2012 23:25 Presentation

“Ukraina – Rus’ Ariyska” (Ukraine – Aryan Rus) – a brand-new volume by Andriy Avdeyenko, Doctor of economic sciences, associate fellow of Junior Academy of Sciences has been introduced to general public in Zaporizhzhya National University. The book follows two previous editions on the prehistory of Ukraine. The first two works “Pravda Ruska” (Russian Truth) and “Litso Derzhavy” (The State’s Face) have already gained wide recognition and popularity.

The presentation was attended by Olexander Prytula - President of Ukrainian Federation “Spas”, and his vice-president Kostiantyn Ryzhov, Gennadiy Vasylchuk, professor and doctor of historical sciences and head of Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Department, and also Svitlana Dobroskok, head of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scientific Student Society.
Olexander Prytula highlighted the author’s works have their distinctive holistic approach and system analysis of a wide range of archives and primary sources thus dispelling any doubt related to truthfulness and correctness of the facts. New book “Ukraina – Rus’ Ariyska” gives 90 % of history related to Zaporizhzhya region. Olexander Prytula expressed his gratitude to the author for his significant effort in promoting history of native land.
Andriy Avdeyenko in his turn stressed his book presentation value for the students. The author would be happy to see the youth accepting and be inspired by his ideas to remember and honour the history and cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Olena Yaroshenko

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