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Russian linguists congratulating their colleague on her anniversary

20.01.2012 11:01 All Faculties Philology

It was in 1983 when a student Ludmila Boyko graduated from Faculty of Philology (then State Pedagogic Institute, Zaporizhzhya). She has dedicated many years to her school work, teaching young children Ukrainian language and literature, instilling love to Ukrainian culture, respect to national heritage, care for and tolerance to people, developing and shaping an aesthetic sensitivity.

In 1996 Ukrainian linguist Ludmila Ogirenkocame back to her alma mater having occupied the post of senior departmental assistant at the Department of teaching philological courses methodology.

Ludmila Ogirenko has been engaged in systematizing and structuring the department’s document folders, performing her professional tasks and responsibilities correctly and in due time. She is also actively participating in managing structural issues at the department and after-class counseling for students.Colleagues are used to her sympathetic and welcoming attitude, timely and discreet reminder of the assignments to be performed,which makes them trusting her with their teaching programmes, scientific papers and methodology aids.
Mrs. Ludmila is duly respected by both the department faculty and students referring to her for support, advice, or other requests. On her part Ludmila Ogirenko is always willing to share her time and encouragement words.
On the occasion of anniversary we join to wish Ludmila Ogirenko a Happy Birthday! May you have a great success in everyday affairs, strong health, happiness, love in the family and dreams coming true soon!