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St. Valentine’s Day celebrated at the Faculties of Economics and History

16.02.2012 00:26 All Faculties Economy History Економічний факультет Історичний факультет Концерт День Святого Валентина

Faculties of Economics and History gave a concert on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day celebration.
Before the celebration the pairs in love could get ‘married’ and be presented with a ‘technical certificate’ on their beloved ones. Everyone willing has seized the opportunity.

All the guests and those enamoured were greeted by the deans Alla Cherep (Economics) and Victor Tkachenko (History), who have wished students and teaching faculty keep sincere love and romantic cheer not only for this day but throughout the whole year.
The concert hosts Yulia Fishchenko, Yevgeniy Pitsyk, Margarita Zinchenko and Maxim Savateev amused the guests with comic speech, catching contests and unexpected surprises.
The students Olexander Minaev, Sergiy Bogdanov, Olga Sikorska, Alina Staleva, Darya Linnyk, Olexander Afonin and Anastasia Melnik presented their songs, and Alla Leybovich and Mikita Saviolov performed a love dance.
The celebration for both students and professors has been organized and staged by Student Councils of these faculties supported by the Centre for after-class work and entertainment .

Olena Yaroshenko

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