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Representatives from ZNU took part in Ukrainian congress for student scientific societies

29.02.2012 00:11 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Scientific Society ZNU congress presentation new

February 21-22, O. Bogomolets National Medical University carried out 5th All-Ukrainian congress for the representatives of student scientific societies among higher medical (pharmaceutical) education institutions of Ukraine. Student scientific society of the host university has organized the event.

Having been invited by their colleagues the following representatives from ZNU were delegated: Ludmyla Makeyeva, vice chairman of UPSSS (Biology Faculty) and Artem Polishchuk, secretary of UPSSS (Biology Faculty).
Among other participants there were also students from Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, Uzhgorod National University and Danylo Galitsky National Medical University (Lviv).
Opening the congress Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vasyl Netiazhenko n his welcome address has mentioned the delegation from ZNU, since it was the only representative of traditional universities.
The session was followed with the lecture on ‘Synergetics’ delivered by Professor, Doctor of Mathematics and Physics Olexander Chalyi.
In the process of presenting Student Scientific Societies’ activities the participants could get a closer look at their international and cross-university cooperation, current problems in research, up-to-date tendencies in studies and research activity of students, IT applied by scientific societies and also exchange experience and ideas on enhancing Student Scientific Society performance.
Integrated Student Scientific Societies database has been launched up at the congress aimed at facilitating access to the information on conferences, scientific events and exchanging experience and advice online.
Coordinating Board of Student Scientific Society, ZNU accords a thank you note to acting rector Olexander Bondar and chief accountant Vasyl Timoshyk for the opportunity to participate in the event.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Scientific Society, ZNU

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