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First steps forward taken

01.03.2012 09:03 All Faculties Foreign Philology

February, 23 Faculty of Foreign Philology, traditional teaching internship conference for 4th year students was held. Department of teaching second language head, Ph.D. and Assoc. Prof. Kateryna Ruzhin, teaching internship supervisor, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Olga Kanibolotska greeted students addressing them as colleagues

Undergraduates shared their impressions and problematic issues they faced during internship month in video presentations. Electronic presentation of final report has been introduced at the Faculty in 2009.
A string of presentations can be regarded as short films, since students applied their creativity and humor, which could not but bring forward as storm of applause. Among a vast array of video clips the faculty panel selected nominations in the best methodology approach, best PR of teacher profession, the most expressive video, the best recommendation to prospective teachers etc.
Third year students were also on the guest list to the conference and their senior colleagues shared the experience and skills acquired during internship. Students that have undergone teaching practice were finding it hard to say farewell to their school students and expressed thanks to secondary school officials that for many years welcome Faculty of Foreign Philology students. Words of appreciation were also dedicated to teaching methods specialists and professors from the Department of teaching second language.
Having undergone their assistantship in teaching the students assured they realized better now what strenuous of a job is teaching and promised to be more attentive and treat their professors' work with duly respect.

Ganna Vanina,
Ph.D. in Philology,
Lecturer of Department of teaching second language