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Winners of ‘Best Expert in Biology’ academic competition identified

01.03.2012 09:42 All Faculties Biology біологічний факультет олімпіада конкурс

February, 24 traditional competition in Biology Science was held at the Faculty of Biology. Undergraduates of 4-5 years and Master degree students of Biology (specializations: Bioecology, Biochemistry and Immunology, Game Management and Ichthyology, Physiology) participated in the competition

The event was launched by Faculty dean, Prof. Ludmila Omelianchyk.
Hosts of the competition gave quiz in major courses: Plant Physiology, Zoology of spine, Biochemistry, Human and Animal Physiology. Answers to quiz questions revealed general biologic proficiency of students.
The next stage was represented with reports after the selected top 10 experimental projects, recommended by the Departments. The reports were supported with video presentations revealing the issue under scrutiny. Upon delivery of their reports the contestants defended their ideas put forward in the projects and answered to the questions of competition panel and other students.

The panel of judges, having considered all the projects proposed for review has awarded the following 5 year students: Igor Totskyi (1st level certificate); Victor Poliakov (2nd level certificate); Nadia Gorokhivets (3rd level certificate).
In addition, the students Yuriy Saroz (4 year) and Evelina Abakumets (5 year) were also distinguished respectively (5 курс) for high level of theoretical preparation and high level of report delivery on experimental project findings. Acknowledgement certificates signed by Faculty of Biology dean were delivered to the contestants.

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