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First stage of “Control Systems Automation in Economy” Projects Contest held in ZNU

05.03.2012 15:22 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет Конкурс економічна кібернетика

First stage of student innovative projects defence was undertaken at ZNU within the framework of “Control Systems Automation in Economy” Contest. Three student teams were taking part, composed of 2-4 year students majoring in Economic Cybernetics, Faculty of Economics.

Panel of judges was comprised of: Doctor of Economics, Professor Natalia Maksyshko, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Igor Kozin, director of “Procom” TOB (LLC) Sergiy Butenko, the company manager, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Iryna Stoliarchuk and students of Economic Cybernetics.
The contest was performed in business game format which previewed collective body work and imitated working schedule of a company automation department.
The contest has been planned and organized by the Department of Economic Cybernetics and “Procom” TOB (LLC). Students had to simulate professional activities of experts in Economic Cybernetics. The contest assignment supposed elaborating solutions for control system automation in a company or its sub-units. Having studied assignments performed by the teams the contest panel calculated the points.
The results are not the final, since participants have second round ahead which previews submitting final project report with the following project presentation and awards ceremony.

Olena Yaroshenko

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