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Renat Akhmetov’s “Development of Ukraine” Fund representative Olexander Vlasenko visited the Faculty of Journalism

05.03.2012 15:47 All Faculties Journalism Faculty of Journalism

The visit of Fund representative was performed within the framework of “Digital media in Universities” educational project

It should be mentioned that two professors from the Faculty of Journalism (ZNU) Myroslava Chabanenko and Natalia Vygovska are involved in the project since October 2011 being carried out at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and sponsored by “Development of Ukraine” Fund. This is an eight-module monthly project for Journalism professors who visit 3-day lectures featuring brand-name journalists from Internet-editions in Europe and America.
Mr. Vlasenko emphasized that project initiators have outlined quite an ambitious goal: two educators from 15 Ukrainian universities that run Faculty of Journalism would undertake the training course in 3-year period. To his opinion, curricula of the 79 higher education institutions currently preparing journalists for the most part do not meet modern labour market standards thus leveling journalistic education value. In this perspective, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy along with other 15 selected HEIs have to ensure creating the national journalistic elite. One of the major requirements set forward by project organisers – application of knowledge gained by professors in Internet-journalism and innovative technologies in the classrooms and sharing it with their students.
Faculty dean, Professor Volodymyr Manakin assured, that teaching faculty was eager to thoroughly promote advanced technologies into academic programmes. It is the 3rd year that Internet-journalism course has been taught at the Faculty of Journalism, ZNU. Myroslava Chabanenko was among the first to defend her Ph.D. thesis in the subject. Meanwhile “Porogy” website guided by Natalia Vygovska was second winner at All-Ukrainian contest. In addition, she has launched her newly-created project for students – ‘School of Journalistic Investigations’ involving renowned practicing journalists.
On the faculty’s agenda is introducing one more speciality in Internet journalism for the next academic year apart of already existing in Press, TV Broadcasting and Radio.
Olexander Vlasenko also met with master degree students in Journalism, mentioning the fact that apart of educational teachers’ project the Fund also sponsors project for practicing journalists. Moreover, one can follow Fund’s community on Facebook which comprises project participants, its graduates and professors, and provides news on Internet-journalism and allows for enlarging one’s knowledge in this domain.
The guest’s visit was finished by touring the Faculty of Journalism, press-centre, editorial office of “Zaporizhzhya University” academic newspaper, “Universe” Internet radio, and study laboratory of the Faculty of Journalism - Universe-TV television studio.

Tamila Tarasenko

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