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Students of Journalism, ZNU met with a volunteer from Brazil

06.03.2012 16:18 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики міжнародний відділ міжнародна співпраця волонтерська діяльність Візит визначних людей

A meeting was held at the Faculty of Journalism with the 3rd year students. Priscilla Noronia arrived to Ukraine within volunteer programme and will stay for two months in Zaporizhzhya, where she is going to give lectures in Environmental Science and meet with university and school students and NGOs officials

Students learned today that Brazil is not only a carnival, quality serials and endless beaches. The country’s economy ranks eight in the world, with high scientific prospects, developed social infrastructure and membership in multiple world organisations.
According to Department of Journalistic Art, Advertising and PR, senior lecturer Yuri Botner, the meeting titled ‘Journalist and Geography’ is extremely essential for the students allowing to get an in-depth look into the culture and history of other nations. Mr. Botner is convinced that journalist must have comprehensive knowledge when writing on the country and be competent enough to cover the country profile much deeper and make it more captivating than any expert in geography.
Similar meetings are not seldom at the Faculty of Journalism, thus providing students with a freedom to interact, get answers to a range of issues they are interested in and opportunity to discover the world.

Natalia Logvinenko

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