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Prominent heraldry expert met with students of Economics

15.03.2012 22:47 All Faculties Economy Візит визначних людей Економічний факультет

Recently, representative of Zaporizhzhya Regional Heraldry Society Vitaliy Ivanchenko visited the Faculty of Economics where he met with students, Faculty dean Alla Cherep and Department of Accounting and Auditing senior lecturer Victoria Siomchenko

The expert shared, that he had started his collection in 1954 upon 300-anniversary celebration of Ukraine and Russia’s consolidation. His first badge, bought by his mother, was dedicated to that very occasion. Later, Vitaliy Ivanchenko has devoted himself to heraldry. By now his collection comprises about 1.500 badges featuring armorial bearings. In addition, the guest has been engaged in phaleristics, collecting varied orders, badges and medals. The most captivating showpieces were demonstrated to the students.
Vitaliy Ivanchenko revealed the history of heraldry science, explaining what some symbols as for example animals and birds mean, and spoke of Zaporizhzhya region history.
Communication appeared to be unconstrained and vivid with the students fully engaged in the process, so the guest was welcomed to hold yet another meeting in ZNU.

Olena Yaroshenko

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