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Workshops in Media Psychology for ZNU students

05.04.2012 16:30 All Faculties Journalism майстер-клас факультет журналістики

“Public Criticism Workshops” went on with the workshop given by Diana Dutsyk, Kyiv-Mogyla School of Journalism deputy director and editor-in-chief of Mediasapiens project.

The round table discussion gathered together the experts in Psychology (Department of Practical Psychology Assoc. Prof. Yulia Paskevska), Journalism (Media Education Centre director, Assoc. Prof. of Tavria National University named after Vernadskyi (Kherson) Yulia Golodnikova) and students of Psychology, Social Sciences, Political Sciences and Journalism. The participants debated on ethical dilemmas connected with using advanced communication technologies in humanities-related occupations. Meanwhile, the discussion got out of the agenda issue framework. The attendees split up in groups to talk over publications at the official Ukrainian mass media sites, as well as specific blogs. In the context of public morality standards and professional ethics the Ukrainian and Russian language media are abundant with the publications violating the legislation in force, being defined as aggressive, provoking to or bluntly encouraging to violence and offending human dignity. The same conclusion was made by researchers from Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, who have conducted the content analysis of articles’ titles and comments at some dozens of sites.
The discussion was also covering linguistic issues in journalism, approaches to information gathering and reality investigation, Ukrainian and foreign mass media standards. The participants have come to the conclusion, that present-day journalism requires regulations and standards elaboration similar to those in foreign journalism (BBC in particular).
Moreover, the experienced journalist and lecturer Diana Dutsyk advised to study the language stylistics in order to express oneself correctly and in a proper manner and encouraged applying the renowned journalists’ experience in one’s own practice.

Olena Khlistun

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