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Students of three faculties gathered for Press Club session

05.04.2012 17:32 All Faculties SPP Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration Faculty of Journalism

April, 3 press club session on “Homo sapiens vs. media sapiens battle” gathered students of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, Social Sciences and Administration and Journalism for the 2nd Creative Workshop. The event was held in the framework of the 2nd Forum on Media Psychology and Education

The experts, Mediasapiens project editor-in-chief, Kyiv-Mogyla School of Journalism deputy director Diana Dutsyk, anchorwoman and author of Zaporizhzhya TV programmes Question Mark, Events Territory, Politsupper Olga Vakalo and Ph.D. in Psychology of the Department of Practical Psychology Yulia Paskevska participated in the meeting.
Such issues as criticism impartiality and subjectivity and authoritarian conscience have been on the agenda that day. An engaging debate touching the questions of conditions under which criticism can take the role of ideology in the post-Soviet community was launched. At the end the participants made an effort to find out reasons for current journalistic career popularity.
In addition, a contest was announced within the project framework, giving its winners a chance to undergo a two-weeks training at the popular TV Channel.
The Forum organisers highlighted the collaboration with representatives from diverse specialities allowed for practicing new approaches towards issues faced by the professionals in present-day world and searching for efficient solutions.

Tamila Tarasenko

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