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Press-conference for students of Journalism by Professor Volodymyr Rizun

11.04.2012 09:02 All Faculties Journalism Faculty of Journalism Press-conference

April, 7 the Faculty of Journalism held press-conference with Volodymyr Rizun, Institute of Journalism director (Taras Shevchenko National Unviersity, Kyiv).

At the meeting with students Professor Rizun shared his thoughts on development of the social and political journalism and journalistic field in general. Major topic on the agenda could be defined by the words of Volodymyr Rizun: “If there are events - there is Journalism, no events - no Journalism”. Students of Journalism had opportunity to put questions to their guest on the issues disturbing them.

One of the questions was touching upon censorship, to which Professor responded with the following: "Well, censorship is a social institution established by the government to review materials, which are the product of journalistic activity. Everything beyond its limits is far from censorship. There is no censorship in Ukraine, except of distorted or worthless editorial policy".

The students were also eager to know, weather person with no higher education in the field could be regarded as professional journalist and could blogs' writing be taken for professional journalism.

In the end Professor Rizun highlighted that it was about the young generation of journalists to create new media forms.


Olena Yaroshenko

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