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Classic Literature and Linguistic Tendencies: challenges for contemporary experts in Philology

20.04.2012 14:52 All Faculties Philology Молода наука-2012 філологічний факультет

Within the framework of Youth Science 2012 small group in Linguistic Sciences four sub-groups were held: Classic Literature in modern interpretations aspect, Problematic issues of contemporary literature study and methodology of teaching, Linguo-stylistic specifics of text and writer's personal style, and Semantic and grammatical peculiarities of different level language units. Attendees from the Faculty of Philology, Russian and Ukrainian Philology tried to resolve current language and literature issues

Over 70 reports have been suggested to young researchers. Apart of linguists, the small groups were attended by students of the College of Economics and Law, who are genuinely engaged in this field of studies.

At small group in Classic Literature, supervised by Professor Iryna Pavlenko, students looked into current issues of interpreting and perceiving works by both classic and contemporary writers. Problem of feminine identity was raised by researcher Oksana Pryimak.  Taking as example story-capriccio of  “Byzantium History” she investigated gender issue – problem of feminine existence in modern literature.   

Participants of all the small groups were fully engaged in studying specific issues as current aspects of literary and academic texts, structure analysis and methods of their exposition. The questions raised by the audience and professors assisted in revealing the level of the speakers’ awareness and quality of material processing.

Faculty of Philology, ZNU is constantly conducting research which bears rewarding results, whereas Youth Science is initial step forward for young scholars to grow. The process of involving Philology students in diverse scientific events is carried out on the part of the Faculty’s UPSSS and its chairman Alina Yanchuk. According to small groups’ performance results five students will be awarded for their input in research.

Olen Khlistun


Елена Хлыстун

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