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‘Youth Science 2012’ at the Faculty of Physical Education

25.04.2012 14:08 All Faculties Physical Education Молода наука-2012 конференція Факультет фізичного виховання

Five theme group sessions were held at the Faculty within the framework of the 5th University Scientific and Practice Conference

April, 10 theme group session on “Current aspects of Olympic and Professional Sports”, presided by Ph.D. in Pedagogics, Assoc. Prof. A. Svatiev and Ph.D. in Physical Education and Sports, Assoc.Prof. P. Klopov. The best reports were selected as follows:

  • “Specifics of basic subject training of girls practicing rhythmic gymnastics”/Diana Sushko;
  • “New approaches to elaborating evaluation criteria of running step rhythmicity in track-and-field athletics”/Tetiana Golovkina;
  • “Substantiation of the necessity to develop evaluation system for special physical fitness assessment”/Vladyslav Bilash.

On April, 11 theme group session on “Physical rehabilitation, human health and medical and biological issues of physical education” was carried out, presided by the Faculty dean, Professor M. Malikov and Ph.D. in Biology, Assoc. Prof. K. Vlasenko. The best report appeared to be “Applying hippotherapy under comprehensive rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy” by Master degree student Kateryna Zuyeva.

Jury panel has also marked out research papers on “Physical rehabilitation efficiency in reducing spasticity of children with cerebral palsy” (Kateryna Mushket) and “Physical rehabilitation of 5-6-year old children with locomotive system problems at pre-school institutions” (Olena Baryshnykova).

During April, 12 theme group session on “Adaptive physical education. Paralympic Sports”, presided by Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor N. Baykina was held. The guest to the group session was “Dzherelo” Rehabilitation Centre Vice Principal in academic and educational affairs N. Korshunova. Eight reports were proposed to the scholarly community, with the best paper on “Assessing physical work capacity level of cardiovascular system of deaf children (young age) after Ruffier test” (Olesia Podduyeva)

Theme group session on “Modern aspects of tourism development” was presided by Doctor of Pedagogics, Prof. A. Konokh. Within the theme group the best paper was on “Turkish resorts experience as the pattern for South Ukraine resorts enhancement” (Master degree student Oleksander Borshchevskyi) and “Life safety in Tourism” (Yevgen Getalo).

And finally the last group session was dedicated to “Current issues in theory and methodology of Physical Education”.

Total number of the conference attendees amounted to over 120. Scientific endeavours carried out by participants were both relevant and enticing, thus bringing forward vivid debates and discussion. The best speakers will be awarded at the closing plenary session on April, 25.


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