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Faculty of Journalism held online conference with its counterparts in the U.S.A.

27.04.2012 11:30 All Faculties Journalism Faculty of Journalism Conference

April, 19 online conference was carried out with ZNU Faculty of Journalism and students of Bluffton University (Ohio, U.S.A.)

On the part of ZNU participated Faculty of Journalism dean, Department of Publishing and Editing, Prof. Volodymyr Manakin, Department of Journalistic Art, Advertising and PR, Ph.D. in Pedagogics, Assoc. Prof. Victor Kostiuk, Bluffton University Professor of History Perry Bush and students of Journalism, communicating with Bluffton University students supervised by Professor of Journalism Den Fulz.

The conference started with Volodymyr Manakin’s address to Bluffton University students, asking if they were aware of Ukraine. It turned out, that American students were not familiar with the country, so Professor promised that their Ukrainian counterparts would try ‘to open’ Ukraine for them and would welcome students from the U.S.A. in ZNU.

The conference participants were comparing the state, problems and general specifics of mass media functioning in Ukraine and America. Unfortunately, communication was hampered by some sudden technological obstacles, nevertheless ZNU students pointed out it was a wonderful opportunity to practice their language skills and communicate with their counterparts overseas.

Professor of History Perry Bush promised to arrange the next online conference once he comes back home to U.S.A.

Olena Yaroshenko


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