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Students met with the Great Patriotic War veterans in ZNU

11.05.2012 11:37 Центр культурно-масової роботи Відділ виховної роботи

May, 7th within the framework of Victory Day celebrations University students met with veterans of Great Patriotic War. The meeting was organised by Centre for after-class and cultural affairs and hosted by ZNU Student Council chairman and student of Journalism Andriy Bondarenko.

With her speech addressed Vice Rector for Educational Research and Academic Affairs Nataliya Grozovska. She has expressed gratitude to veterans for their great courage and valour and wished strong health, happiness and longevity. 

Besides, veterans were congratulated by songs presented by students of Journalism, Physical Education and vocal studio director Nataliya Pyrig. Also ZNU staff, veteran and combatant, ZNU Veterans Board chairman Galyna Shabardina appealed to her fellow-soldiers and everyone to congratulate on such a great national holiday.

Those, who have laid down their lives for the victory’s sake, were honoured in a moment’s silence. In the end ZNU students together with veterans laid flowers on the memorial to professors, University students and graduates fallen at battle-fields in the Great Patriotic War.


Olena Yaroshenko


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