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Results of 2nd Regional Mathematics and Computer Science Papers Contest for School and College Students

14.05.2012 16:46 All Faculties Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics Contest victory

Following the Prospective Affairs schedule and programme of ‘Young University’ Talented School Students Scientific Society, contest in Mathematics and Computer Science was organised at the Faculty of Mathematics, which had four nominations: Best Paper in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Programming.

Authoritative jury, comprised of Faculty dean, Professor Sergiy Gomenyuk, heads of departments and associate professors have checked about 30 papers, submitted to contest committee.

The papers had to meet the following  requirements:

-          Theme relevance;

-          creativity;

-          in-depth analysis of the topic and problems’ coverage;

-          original methods of study;

-          individual approach to addressing problems;

-          abiding by formatting requirements.


Having summed up the results, 17 students were awarded with acknowledgement certificates from Rector’s Office, along with 9 scientific supervisors. 

Best Paper in Computer Science” nomination:

1st winner: Oleg Matviyishin “Application of UNREAL ENGINE 3  for elaborating logic 3D game”;

2nd winner: Pavlo Kuznetsov “Problem of time management in arranging small enterprise operation and automated time management system projecting specifics”;

3rd winners: Olga Yarysh, Kateryna Myronenko “Development of e-commerce in Ukraine”, Maria Khachatrian “Kremlin Diet”, Vladyslav Bezpalko “Teenagers’ Earnings on the Internet”.

Best Paper in Programming” nomination:

1st winner: Igor Kasianov “Applying shorthand methods for popular format audio files”;

2nd winner: Sergiy Shatov “Application of executive programmes in school course of Computer Science and programme elaboration specifics”;

3rd winner: Mykyta Khyzhniak “Education-oriented programme means at Physics lessons and their development peculiarities” and Artem Golubytskyi “Cryptarithmetic problems and programme elaboration for their solving”.

Best Paper in Mathematics” nomination :

1st winner: Mykola Shevchenko “Properties of numbers related to their divisors’ quantity”;

2nd winner: Iryna Boleyeva “ABC hypothesis and its outcomes”;

3rd winner: Maria Novikova “Equation and disparities with parameters”.

Best Paper in Applied Mathematics” nomination:

1st winner: Ivan Spytsia “Building formalized problem’s model on indoors carbon content”;

2nd winner: Yevgen Padalkin “Mathematical model of problems in two education institutions rivalry ”;

3rd winner: Ganna Shuba “Class tutor combinatoriсы” and Yevgenia Lapiga “Application of figures’ properties to create puzzles”.

Congratulations to contest winners!


Faculty of Mathematics

Vice dean for Prospective Students Affairs



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