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From ‘little ones’ to ‘grown ups’

31.05.2012 14:18

Zaporizhzhya National University is actively engaged in implementing ‘Life-long Education’ programme, proven by the holiday under the title of ‘Graduation Prom for All’, held on May, 23 in Ukrainian-Swiss Centre ‘English for Kids’.

For the first time the event has joined together both little trainees from ‘English for Kids’ Centre and adult students from Foreign Languages Intensive Study Centre, along with prospective trainees of the aforesaid education centres. The holiday was launched with welcome speech of the Centres’ director Natalia Kostenko: “We have considered the opportunity for educating not only adult students but also pre-school children. I can proudly say, that currently ZNU is the only higher education institution to provide education services for pre-school children. This year we have decided to join two proms into one, thus graduating ‘little ones’ and adult trainees simultaneously and I think we succeeded to do it at the highest level possible”.

All the attendees could see for themselves how the classes are given at ‘English for Kids’ Centre. With this aim some fragments from open classes in English language course and School Preparation have been demonstrated.  As to the children, they have proven to be self-assured and shown their English speaking skills by promptly responding to the teacher’s questions, reciting rhymes and singing songs. Meanwhile, young trainees of School Preparation Course demonstrated their reading and calculation skills, as well as general preparedness to enter the next school stage of learning. In the end young trainees have been awarded with their first certificates for acquired knowledge and skills and much-loved sweet prizes. On the same day their certificates in English Language Proficiency obtained adult trainees from Foreign Languages Intensive Study Centre.

Varvara Petrosova,

‘English for Kids’ Centre teacher