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Gold Medal to ZNU Inventors

02.10.2012 10:40

September 27-29, VIII International Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency in Urban Environment Exhibition held in Sevastopol. At the international competition of inventions and new technologies "New Time" were presented 524 development from 35 countries (Azerbaijan, Israel, Italy, Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Russia, USA, France, Switzerland, etc..)

Among the Ukrainian delegation were representatives of Zaporizhzhia. Patented model "Wave Power Plant» (Andreev A., Olhovik I, Umerov E.) was demonstrated by their colleagues, 4th course students of ZNU College of Economics and Law (specialty: "Software Development") Vadym and Vladyslav Ternov.
The "Wave Power Plant" allows the wave energy of reservoirs to convert to electricity. It has a relatively low cost, high reliability and easy to use. This project was marked by several prizes and awards: award of "PUMA", diploma and prize of "Marine Technology", a special prize (annual subscription to the journal "Inventor and Rationalizer" of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences), and most importantly - the diploma and gold medal.

Anna Anisimova