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Freshman Dancing Flash Mob

11.10.2012 16:17

Everyday from Ocober 15 till 17, 2012 during the big break (11.00-11.25) at the square in front of th 2-nd Academic building the first qualifying round of the "Freshman Dancing Flash Mob" will take place.

The most ambitious-university project!

The most active ZNU first-year students.

The most extraordinary dance performances from the best choreographers of our faculties.

Independent and professional jury.

All this — "Freshman Dancing Flash Mob"!

P.S. If it rains :) "Freshman Dancing Flash Mob" will be held at the large Game Hall of ZNU Sport Complex in the same hour.

Online voting will be held from October 22 till 26, 2012 on the group There will be two selected teams from each qualifying round: jury and audience choice.

Photos and video provided by Splesh production (

Come and see us!