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Presentation of the Poetry Collection "Pleasure of Apparent Death"

29.10.2012 10:45 Наукова бібліотека ЗНУ факультет журналістики

October 25,. th presentation of the debut poetry collection "Pleasure of Apparent Death" by Zaporizhzhyan poet and journalist Oles Barlig took place at ZNU.

The former graduate of the Faculty of Journalism Oles Barlig is a member of the literary club "99", the coordinator of the literary currents "Stalking Hronotvoru", co-organizer and participant of the literary performances "Seven Rivers", "Vertical" and the first tournament in Zaporizhzhya slam-poetry. The presentation's organizers - ZNU Scientific Library and Faculty of Philology. The collection "Pleasure of Apparent Death" is the part of book series byOleksandr Muharev in the journals "Litera Dnepr" and "Art Noise".
The first presentation of the book "Pleasure of Apparent Death" was held in Lviv, second - in Dnipropetrovsk. Oles Barlig have the book trailer for his poetry collection and the ten-minute video, which he called "audiovisual adaptation" of the book. The basic idea of the collection in the title, key words are "pleasure" - physical and spiritual, "mental" - fiction, lyrical digressions, "death" - not as a physical phenomenon, but metaphorical transformation, changes of perceptions, conditions and age. The author read some verses from the collection, willingly answered the questions of the audience, explaining his choice of themes, style, inspiration, and attitude to criticism.

Karina Vagina

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