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Roundtable Dedicated to the Anniversary of "Universe" Radio

13.11.2012 12:38 Радіостанція «Юніверс» круглий стіл факультет журналістики

November 12, the roundtable on "Internet Radio: Realities and Prospects" on occasion of the 15 anniversary of student internet radio station "Universe" was held at ZNU Faculty of Journalism. Students, lecturers, station's staff, radio journalists and public figures of our city gathered for the discussion.

The Department's of Publishing and Editing assistant Yuriy Kostyuk introduced the guests of the event – former director of radio "Velikiy Lug" Natalia Ogarkova, Senior lecturer of ZNTU Department of Journalism Natalia Selyukova, Docent of ZNU Department of Journalism Pavlo Miroshnichenko and department's assistant Julia Lyubchenko, also the director of the internet radio station "Universe" Julia Cherneta and editor-in-chief Irina Panfilova.
The reports were made by the postgraduate of the Classic Private University Tetyana Girina, students-journalists of our university and radio programs' hosts - Elizaveta Borodina, Anna Stavitska, Katerina Sivash and Marina Galich.
The participants paid special attention to issues concerning the specific of internet radio, skills of modern hosts, personal ethics and moral responsibility of a journalist, his responsibility to society and so on. The meeting also dealt with the study of the radio's structure.
The "Universe" Director Julia Cherneta told the audience about the sociological survey conducted before the transition from student radio station to the internet radio format. Together with ZNU Center for Independent Sociological Research the surveys were carried out in order to identify the musical tastes and interests of today's youth, which determined the format of "Universe". Soon, they will hold another joint research that will improve quality and expand the audience of the radio listeners.

Olena Hlistun

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