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Semi-final of “Dance flashmob of freshmen” is over

13.11.2012 13:09 Центр культурно-масової роботи Студентська рада ЗНУ

November 13 Zaporizhzhyan National University held the second day of semi-final of competition-parade “Dance flashmob of freshmen”, as organizers of which performed cultural and mass work Center and Student council of ZNU.

This day for the final place competed teams of Sociology and Management Faculty, and also Journalism faculty. Even before the action on the square in front of the second educational building of ZNU gathered a great amount of students and the audience, who supported participants of competition by a storm of applause and posters. The team of Journalism Faculty prepared for the audience and jury the real show. They excited everybody with their creative and splendid choreography. And the team of Sociology and Management Faculty as a subject of their performance choose “Prayer to parents”. With their magnificent performance their called all the students of ZNU to appreciate and respect their parents. So, semi-final of “Dance flashmob of freshmen” is over, and at November 15 there will be awarding of winners of the competition.

Olena Yaroshenko

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