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Economics and Law College of ZNU held competition of written composition

16.11.2012 12:10 Економіко-правничий коледж конкурс перемога

These days Economics and Law College summed up the results of the competition of the best written composition “Ideas of the world for development of Ukraine”. Teachers of the Ukrainian literature Anna Dorofeeva and Svitlna Dobroskok held competition among freshmen of “Finance and Credits”, “Organization of Production”, “Software Development” and “Tourism service” majors.

In their compositions students analyzed modern situation in the country according to the chosen aspect. They were beyond only Ukrainian realities, offering interesting ideas, which are used actively in other countries. The participants of the competition concentrated their attention on the learning of the constitutional models of foreign countries, political architecture, programs of political parties, administrative and economical model, state system, economical questions, social politics, foreign politics, the system of education and healthcare etc.
The jury committee defined the winners. They are: Katerina Sofian (gr. K 36-12), who expressed her thought in her composition that Ukrainians are lack of special programs of patriotic education of youth, and Karolina Dolya (K 35ph-12), she pointed out the necessity of active introduction of new means of receiving electric powers, which are so spread abroad. The second place took both Anastasia Ovsienko (gr. K 14-12) and Kristina Dolya (K 35ph-12). The third place took Maria Kornienko (gr. K 14-12). Parts of competition compositions will be published the nearest time in Informational bulletin of SASA of ZNU “Young scientist”, and also marked with diplomas.

Svitlana Dobroskok,
teacher of Ukrainian Literature

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