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Students-volunteers take care of the economical education of Matviev board school pupils

23.11.2012 14:37 Університет економічний факультет благодійність

November, 17 the with the support of the Economics Faculty of the Zaporizhzhyan National University and Flex program volunteers of the LESC («Legal Economic Security Classes») project held a lot of trainings, devoted to the economical literacy for the pupils of the Matviev boarding school for orphan children.

LESC project was organized with the initiative group of students of Zaporizhzhyan National University, Institute of International Relations (Kyiv) and Classical Private University (Zaporizhzhya). Its participants set a goal to increase the level of economical and law literacy of senior students of Zaporizhzhya and its region. Before trainings were introduced, volunteers were trained according to the chosen subjects. There on the LESC account is holding of two similar activities, and its participants used gained experience during their visit to the Matviev boarding school.
Oleg Andryushenko and Anastasiya Bobrisheva told pupils of the 8-9 forms about customer rights, and also the way they can protect them when needed. Besides pupils were informed about duties of the sellers and producers, and also told about such documents as applications and complaints. At the same time in the next classroom Eduard Gema and Sergiy Sanfirov informed tenth-graders about the possibilities and problems of employment. Senior students were told about difficulties in job hunting, and about the rules of resume making and behavior during interview. Together with the pupils volunteers discussed positive and negative aspects of some professions. And pupils of the 7th and 11th forms under direction of Anthon Granovsky and Evgen Selyutin volunteers get acquainted with the features of planning personal budget and its management. Pupils were learning to estimate their own financial capabilities, to plan their costs, to define priority articles clauses, and also to look for new sources of incomes. Pupils of the boarding school listened to the suggested lectures with the great pleasure. They asked many questions and even initiated small discussions about separate subjects. All the trainings included not only theory, but practical elements as well, what helped to make learning material more accessible.
During trainings pupils learned a lot of new and useful information for themselves. Also volunteers arranged coffee-break for pupils of the boarding school, and treated them with the beverages and sweets, which they brought with them. After finishing of the event the director of the boarding school Larisa Konkova thanked students and surely invited them to come again.

Faculty of Economics of ZNU

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