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ZNU marked the best leaders of student scientist research work

28.11.2012 14:44 Університет наука нагородження

In September-October of this year there was held regional competition for gifted youth in scientific brunch. Competition lasted within the regional program of the Family, Youth and Sports Management together with cooperation of the Regional center of labour for youth. Its organizers had goals to support talented student youth and the development of its scientific potential. The students of Zaporizhzhyan National University became the winners in seven out of eleven branches of science, in which competition lasted..

November, 27 at the board session of the Academic Council of ZNU managers of the winners of this competition were awarded Credits of the head of Zaporizhzhyan Regional State Administration Oleksandr Peklushenko "For high professionalism and valid contribution to the education of gifted youth, and on the occasion of the Students Day as well." Among the recipients -professor A. V. Cherep, professor T. O. Kolomoets professor O.K. Frolov, professor O. M. Ignatusha, associate professor N.V. Gorbach, associate professor E.A. Gugnin, associate professor Y.R. Matskevich.
The jury staff according to the awarding of the awardee of the competition title included the leading scientists of our University: professor T.O. Kolomoets, professor V.G. Mishchenko, professor L.O. Omelyanchik, professor M. A. Lepsky, associate professor V.G. Tkachenko, assistant professor O. V. Ponomarenko, associate professor N.V. Gorbach, associate professor A. V. Lynenko, associate professor P.V. Goncharenko. They were also marked with the Governor Credits “For energetic participation in the regional competition in science for gifted youth”.
Diplomas of ZNU Rector professor M.O. Frolov also got managers of the best student scientific problem groups of Zaporizhzhyan National University on the basis of their activities in 2011/2012 academic year. Including - professor V. O. Tolok, professor T.O. Kolomoets, professor A.V. Tcherep, professor N.V. Bogdanovskaya, professor O. K. Frolov, associate professor E.R. Fedotov, professor V.V. Kopiyka, associate professor S.M. Enikeeva, assistant professor K.M. Vasilina, assistant professor O. V. Tours, associate professor T. O. Heylik, associate professor V.A. Shishkin, associate professor A.I. Ternova, associate professor A.M. Maklyuk, associate professor M.M. Bessonova.

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