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World AIDS Week at ZNU Faculty of Economics

03.12.2012 16:16 економічний факультет

World AIDS Day, observed on 1 December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Representatives of the Faculty prepared a series of of events on the topic.

Today, in the hall of the 5th Academic building the first-year students of the Economic Faculty have gathered in order to discuss issues relevant to everyone regardless of age and gender. The event was organized and conducted by the representatives of ZNU Faculty of Economics Deanery, including Vice Dean for Educational Work, Associate Professor Victoria Somchenko and Student Council of the Faculty.
The event was opened by Dean of the Faculty, Professor Alla Cherep. She thanked the organizers and activists of the student movement, in particular - Head of the Student Council and his deputy – students of the 4th course Ivan Zadumin and Anastasia Nikulina, as well as all who responded and participated in this event.
The discussion was attened and made the reports for it by the student of the 1st course Karina Bila ("The Main Symptoms of HIV infection"), students of the 2nd course Katerina Zasipko ("HIV Infection and its Possible Transmission"), Karina Petruh ("History of HIV") and Evgen Petrenko ("HIV Statistics"). It concerned the emergence and spread of HIV, its signs and symptoms, ways of transmission and methods of preventing the spread of this dangerous disease, determining the difference between HIV and AIDS, as well as the myths and prejudices about human contact with sick people, including infected children. At the end of the event audience watched the popular science film "Distinguishing Characteristics Between Hiv And Aids".
The surveys on awareness of HIV / AIDS were conducted among freshmen.
Olena Hlistun

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