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Update of the Higher Education Industry Standard in Speciality "State Service" ("State Administration")

26.12.2012 12:00 державна служба

The reform of the State Service speciality in the context of the strategy of personnel policy tasks' realization adopted by the President of Ukraine of 01.02.2012 № 45/2012 will help to create professional, politically neutral and efficient civil service, implement the system of changes and modernization of the public administration model.

The main task of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service is, above all, the organization of the radical modernization process for the professional training and qualification improvement of the state and local government officials, the introduction of the new effective forms of training, developing appropriate methodological recommendations etc.
The measures for realization in 2012 the provisions of Personnel Policy Strategy for 2012-2020, adopted by the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 20.07.2012 № 453/2012, provide the update to the higher education industry standart in training the magisters of the speciality "State Service".
The monitorization of the higher educational establishments, which train the magisters in "State Services" speciality and employ of the graduates for 5 years, revealed a number of problems that need solving, in particular, the shortcomings in:
- the requirements of the new legislation;
- the existing institutional infrastructure realization;
- the requirements of the educational-professional programs.
In addition, the shortcoming in the name of the qualification - "specialist of the state service" which comes in contradiction with the educational-professional level of the magister.
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