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‘I love Ukraine’ intellect-related contest

25.02.2013 11:30 All Faculties Philology Intellect-related contest Faculty of Philology

The International day of mother tongue was celebrated on the Philological Faculty with the mind game “I love Ukraine”. The event was held within a framework of the patriotic initiative “Support your mother tongue” and was organized by the volunteers of Zaporizhzhya regional office of All-Ukrainian organization “European youth of Ukraine”.

The competition unfolded between two teams of two universities: Zaporizhzhya National University vs. Classic Private University. The Dean of the Faculty of Philology Tamara Homyak gave the opening word and wished every success.

In the beginning the deputy head of Zaporizhzhya office of “European youth of Ukraine” Yuliya Kryvenko gave a presentation on the organization activity. She showed videos and told about the events conducted by the organization with the help of Ukrainian youth: social campaigns, ecological and sport campaigns, fundraising for sick children and for kids living in state institutions, free English lessons and various parties and holidays. However they are all destined to promote Ukrainian values. The organization gives particular attention to the spread of Ukrainian language and culture. The volunteers presented the material that showed the growing interest to our language by the people living in America, Europe and Asia.   

That is why the participants of the game “I love Ukraine” had to show their own good knowledge of the mother tongue and of Ukrainian traditions. Mykola Bilyk was the leader of ZNU team. The event was divided in several parts. After the part “Do you know famous Ukrainians?” the teams had to show the knowledge of popular traditions of tableware manufacture techniques.

Afterwards the students were offered to give a Ukrainian analogue to Russian set expressions and in the end they took part in the music contest. The best knowledge of native language and traditions was shown by the team of the Philological Faculty of ZNU “Restless”. The volunteers of the youth organization gave thanks to the University representatives for their support of the event and highlighted a high level of education in Ukrainian institutions of higher learning. All participants got gifts as mementos of the game.

 Olena Hlystun




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