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Athletes of the Economics and Law College won at the international, Ukrainian and regional competitions

21.03.2013 10:55 Спорт змагання

 At the beginning of March in the city – Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) passed the World Cup on “tae kwon do” the class G 1. Among the participants were representatives of 250 countries. 

he national team of Ukraine included II course students of the specialty “Physical training” from the Economics and Law College – Vladyslav Yarmachek (the master of sports of Ukraine on “tae kwon do”) and Maxim Dominishyn (the master of sports of Ukraine of the international class on “tae kwon do”). They presented the country at competitions with dignity - Vladyslav Yarmachek took the II place in individual competitions, and the national team of Ukraine on “tae kwon do” took the II command place.
From 13 to 15 of March took place competitions on volleyball among young men. This competition passed within the regional sports contest among students of higher education institutions of the I-II accreditation. The National team of college consisted of Mykhaylo Belous, Volodymyr Kolyada, Oleksandr Lisin, Denys Ruzikulov, Oleksandr Zheltoukhov, Vladyslav Khupovka and headed by captain Bogdan Tryukhan.They represented our educational institution and took the 6th place.
On 117th of March came to the end the Championship of Ukraine on traditional “wu shu” in the city Brovary. The student of the II course of the specialty “Physical training – Tetyana Kondratyeva represented the “wu shu” federation of Zaporizhzhya. She received silver medal (a traditional fist) and two gold medals.
On 21st of March the regional sports contest proceeded swimming competitions in the pool “Slavutych”. The Students of the I-III courses from the Economics and Law College of the specialty “Physical training” showed the best results. So, Anastasia Zhyr took two first places on distances of 50 m with a breaststroke and freestyle, Olena Sokolova - the II place (50 m freestyle), Anastasia Minakova- the two III places (50 m freestyle and 50 m on a back). Young men also did not lag behind girls - Maxim Lednev took the two I places (50 m a breaststroke, 50 m freestyle) and Olexander Legeyda - the III place (100 m freestyle). 

We congratulate athletes and wish successes at competitions!



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