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Representatives of ZNU administration participated in the international conferences organized by the MES of Ukraine

27.05.2013 10:39 Університет наука міжнародна співпраця

On May 23 Zaporizhzhya National University held an enlarged meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council. The deans of faculties, heads of departments and heads of the structural subdivisions were invited to this meeting. Among the other issues the participants listened to the report of the Vice-Rector on scientific work, Professor Victor Gryschak, that was dedicated to the participation of the Rector and the Vice-Rectors of our University in academic events organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In his speech Gryschak focused on the conclusions of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Effective technology training and education in the context of the Bologna system” organized by the MES of Ukraine. The event, that was held on April 18-19 in Makeivka gathered rectors of the national higher educational institutions. Zaporizhzhya National University was presented at a scientific meeting by the Rector of our university Professor Mykola Frolov. As a result of intensive two-day work the conference participants agreed that the forms of organization of the educational process in Ukraine need to be reviewed, including the wider implementation of distance learning, the use of IT technology in teaching subjects and so on. While deciding by the results of the conference, the participants paid special attention to the idea that the main condition for the modernization of education provides its close relationship with science, educational theory is combined with practice, and the role of scientific research in all educational and skill levels student learning is essential.
Also Victor Zakharovych in his speech focused on the work of the extension courses for pro-rectors that were held in Kiev on May13-15. The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine attended their work. Our university was represented by the Vice-Rector on scientific work Viktor Gryschak and pro-rector of AEW Sergiy Kushnir. During the event, it was discussed the important issues such as the formation of scientific potential, the implementation of government orders for postgraduate and doctoral studies, quality of education, the content of teaching and research, and others. Also during the course it was emphasized the impossibility of further development of higher education without establishing international relations, particularly with the introduction of dual-degree programs. It also was considered the issues of introducing the concept of 'lifelong learning' focused work aimed at graduate employment, the availability of a permanent monitoring of university rankings and so on.
During his address Gryschak told and that on May 16-18 in Chernovtsy took place the International scientific and practical conference “International cooperation of universities as an integral part of the innovation development of higher education.” Volodymyr Volkov, the Rector on scientific and pedagogical work represented ZNU on it. Other items included in the draft resolution of the conference, there are indications that international cooperation has become the strategic direction of the university, the structural subdivisions of the universities at the level of faculties and departments should be actively involved for the international cooperation, and to highlight intensively the results of this cooperation in the media. Also, the participants made a proposal to law schools of higher education institutions increased their work on making the proposals to improve legislation on high school.
During the Scientific and Technical Council of ZNU the participants also listened to the report on improving the performance of scientific and technological activities at the university. Taking into account all the information received, the decision on this issue was approved unanimously.

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