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Postgraduate of ZNU won a grant for probation in Germany

25.06.2013 14:53 All Faculties Economy грант

Postgraduate of Faculty of Economics of ZNU Damir Kulish (supervisor - Professor Alla Cherep) won a grant for a ten-month probation in Germany. Starting from September he will study at University Karl von Osetskoho (of the Oldenburg) and work in local enterprises.

Recently Damir Kulish took part in an international project ELECTRA, which provides scientific cooperation and exchange of students and professors who are engaged in scientific research and studies in the fields of energy, governance and management. Work Damir "Budgeting for agricultural enterprises" received 98 points out of a possible 100. Thus, apart from studying and probation, postgraduate will receive a scholarship.
Damir himself intends to acquire abroad experience and knowledge of his profession, to become acquainted with the best achievements of European enterprises and accumulate material for writing of a PhD thesis. The theme of scientific work Damir Kulish chose budgeting - creating of the complex scenario of the company for a certain period.
According to the words of his supervisor Ally Cherep, this theme quite complicated: make a large volume and long-term budgeting process can not afford the big companies, such as JSC "Zaporizhstal". Therefore acquaintance with such a process as much as possible you can on the leading enterprises in Germany, where the economy and the stability are much higher. Scientific quest of Zaporizhzhya postgraduate also have great practical significance.