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The meeting of a round-table passed at the Faculty of Law

27.06.2013 11:13 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет

On 25th of June held the meeting of a round-table at the Faculty of Law. This scientific arrangement was initiated to the Constitution day of Ukraine. The meeting passed in a festive atmosphere despite scientific nature of arrangement.  

Among the speakers were not only the representatives of ZNU faculty, but also the invited guests (the chairman of ZOGTRK “Zaporizhzhya”– Volodymyr Kuzenko, the director of the retraining and professional development center of personnel in Zaporizhzhya - Lyubov Yanovska, the chief of commercial court in Zaporizhzhya region – Olexander Nemchenko, the chief of the district administrative court in Zaporizhzhya – Oleg Prudyvus, the judge of this court – Julia Kalashnik, and also Ruslan Sinelnik – the judge of Zavodskiy district court). They congratulated students on a holiday and acquainted those present with own experience of work on a field of ensuring realization and observance of the Ukrainian Constitution.
The dean of law faculty, Professor Tetyana Kolomiyets focused attention to need of further doctrinal researches in constitutional and legal relations, the importance which is dictated by reformation processes. The associate professor of the administrative and commercial law – Pavlo Lyutikov acquainted the present people with activity of the Constitutional Assembly which accepted the modification concept of Ukrainian Constitution on 21 of June in 2013.
The associate professor, the director of the constitutional and labor law faculty –Ganna Zhuravlyova and associate professors Ilya Skvyrski and Mykhailo Vikhlyaev made the speech too.
Guests of law faculty left warm words in the Guests Book of faculty. 

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