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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Scientific Library of ZNU received from the governor of Zaporizhzhya region the directory "Cultural heritage of Zaporizhzhya region"

Scientific Library of ZNU received from the governor of Zaporizhzhya region the directory "Cultural heritage of Zaporizhzhya region"

16.08.2013 10:44 Наукова бібліотека ЗНУ

August 15 on occasion of the Archaeologist Day at the National Reserve "Khortytsya" was presented directory "Cultural heritage of Zaporozhye region." At the invitation of the Department of Culture, Tourism, Nationalities and Religions of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, the event was attended by Deputy Director of the Scientific Library of Zaporizhzhya National University Nina Chala. Zaporizhzhya region Governor Alexander Peklushenko personally handed a unique publication to the Scientific Library of ZNU.

Product Directory became a joint project Scientific Research Institute of monument protection studies (Kyiv) and Zaporizhzhya regional center of cultural heritage. One of the reviewers of the publication – Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor of Zaporizhzhya National University Mykhaylo Yelnykov.
Reference information publication includes description of 3,871 cultural heritage objects. Among them: national and local importance of Zaporizhzhya region, listed in the National Register of immovable monuments of Ukraine, monuments and heritage sites that are in the state records in accordance with the law of the Ukrainian SSR and objects identified in recent years as a result of research and exploration work, including scholars of ZNU.
The directory provided a summary of immovable monuments of archeology, history, architecture, monumental art of Zaporizhzhya region. 6.5 thousand of archeological objects are barrows, burial mounds and settlements. Chronologically, they span the period from Upper Paleolithic (parking "Mira" near the village Kaniv, Zaporizhzhya region) to the present. More than 800 objects - monuments of history associated with the period of the Great Patriotic War: solitary and communal burial of Soviet soldiers, victims of fascism, cemetery and memorial complexes, landmarks and buildings, military equipment.
Cultural heritage are grouped in the catalog-directory of administrative-territorial division, with their locations: 4 cities (Kiev, Berdyansk, Melitopol, Tokmak) and the 20 districts of Zaporizhzhya region. Now everyone can find out what attractions are in his native village, city, street. So, along the street of Zhukovsky (formerly Yarmarkova) every day we pass by 10 cultural heritage, the most prominent of them - building of mens gymnasium (now - building of Zaporizhzhya National University), the tomb of the last Danusian Sich Cossack Ataman Yosyp Gladkiy.
The purpose of this directory is to spread knowledge and promote the cultural heritage of our native land, a reflection of its diversity, bringing to the reader the need for its preservation and studying.
Directory was published in Kiev publishing "Feniks", in 2012, the volume of 478 pages, illustrated with photographic materials.
Scientific Library of ZNU invites you to learn the unique edition, anyone interested in the history and culture of Zaporizhzhya region, tourism and admirers simply wanting to know more about our region.

Nina Chala,
Deputy Director of the Scientific Library of ZNU

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