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At the Faculty of Biology held presentation of the Scientific Society of students and postgraduates

19.09.2013 11:08 All Faculties Biology біологічний факультет Наукове товариство студентів та аспірантів презентація

September 17 at the biological faculty spent already traditional, the annual presentation of the Scientific Society of students and postgraduates of ZNU for freshmen and sophomores.

During the presentation of the Scientific Society of Students and Postgraduates of ZNU at the Faculty of Biology to participants freshmen and sophomores - addressed Dean of the faculty Ludmyla Omelianchyk. In particular, she stressed that nowadays each of them, optimizing the level of foreign language courses at Centre for the Study of Foreign Languages of ZNU can start preparing to contests for possibility of training abroad in various international academic programs, as do most students of the faculty. However, according to Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna to achieve good results, in addition to the desire and language skills, students should be hardworking. She noted that participation in the SSSP offers the students a lot of prospects and wished achievements in scientific research.
Also at the presentation presented Deputy Dean for International Work, Nataliya Rubtsova, who presented programs of academic mobility for students of ZNU. She drew attention to the opportunity to improve their foreign language as part of international roundtables, to which invited professors from other countries.
During the event Deputy Dean for Research, Vira Kopiyka sounded the list of the nearest academic activities, which may take part even freshmen. She also spoke about the opportunity to get current information about these events from the stand SSSP of the bilological faculty, which is located near the room 306 of the IIIrd academic building.
The presentation of the Society held Deputy Head of Scientific Society of students and postgraduates of biological faculty, student of 2nd year of a specialty "Chemistry" Vladyslav Kirichenko. Now Vladyslav currently performs the duties of the head of SSSP faculty Popazova Olena, who now undergo training by the Program ELECTRA in Bulgaria - one of the categories of scholarship program Erasmus Mundus, which funded the EU. Olena along with two other students of specialty "Biology" Yulia Bulankina and Maryna Sokulska had the opportunity to study and work on research projects at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia (Bulgaria), and their colleagues Katerina Plotnikova and Yuriy Saroz will study at the University in Limerick (Ireland).
Vladyslav Kirichenko told the students the history and development of SSSP of ZNU and Faculty of Biology, as well as the opportunities offered to members of the Society.
After the presentation the audience gave the coordinates of the asset SSSP of ZNU and Faculty of Biology, coordinates mailing list signups information from SSA and invited today to start their scientific career.

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