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Students of ZNU participated in a regional military sports competition for labor and student youth "Conscript"

24.09.2013 11:24 All Faculties Physical Education відділ виховної роботи факультет фізичного виховання конкурс

September 20, on the basis of the military unit A 1978 of Zaporizhzhya Region, held military sports competition for labor and student youth "Conscript" supported by the Department of Family, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and the Regional Center of patriotic education of youth. Zaporizhzhya National University on the competition represented by students of the Faculty of Physical Education - Igor Lutsov (captain), Alexander Matysko, Denis Nechepurenko, Vadim Derevyanko, Evgen Pashko, Vladimir Guz, Alexei Aleksandrov, Sergei Dynchev, Ivan Malyarenko, Ruslan Vyskrebtsev. Headed the team expert of Ist category of the Division of educational work, Inna Derevinska.

The main objective of the event, organizers have seen in education of patriotism among young conscript age, preparing young people for creative work, for military service and protection of Ukraine, in the development and education of youth in moral and psychological features, such as bravery, courage, determination, courage, fortitude, perseverance, discipline and initiative, based on the army and restored Cossacks traditions. They also set out to nurture spiritually and physically developed generation of sovereign Ukraine on the basis of national traditions and history of military affairs and healthy lifestyles, the formation of young patriotic consciousness, national pride.
Our students were the only representatives of the university of IVth level accreditation, among 10 teams in Zaporizhzhya region. Weather conditions this year were not the best, but the race is still valid. Despite the heavy rain on the parade ground of the military youths participated in the drill competition songs and ran cross (1000 m). In the room of educational building dismantled and assembled Kalashnikov, performing standards in the remedies, competed in shooting, pulling up. After the exhausting competition all the participants tried real soldier lunch in the dining room.
According to the results of all stages of the competition team of ZNU ranked 5th place among 10 teams of students youth of Zaporizhzhya region.

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