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At the Faculty of SPP held a roundtable meeting

04.11.2013 15:38 All Faculties SPP Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології круглий стіл

Today, the Department of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University held a roundtable meeting "Personal resources of psychology students during training in higher educational establishment (experience of 5th year students)". Prepared event fifth-year students of specialty "Psychology" (EQL "Specialist").

The purpose of the roundtable meeting is to expand students understanding of the profession of psychologist, psychology disclosure significance in the lives of students, psychologists, providing recommendations for younger comrades in their studies at the Faculty of SPP, etc..
Event was moderated by Ph.D. in Psychology, associate professor of the Department of Applied Psychology Yuliya Paskevska and fifth-year student of the Faculty of SPP Olga Khyzhnyak. During the roundtable meeting participants discussed the following topics: "Psychology and we ... from personal experience", "The difficulties faced by students in educational psychology profession", "Specialization professional training at the Faculty", "Personal interest as a basis for selecting professional orientation", "The demand for psychologists in the labor market". Also, all willing to receive information letter "Who is a psychologist: Myths and Realities", which contained a list of the most common stereotypes about psychologists.
The participants shared their experiences of the suggested topics and gave examples from their student life.

Kseniya Nazarenko

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