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Faculty of Economics held a roundtable dedicated to the tariff wage system

03.12.2013 11:31 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет круглий стіл

December 2 at the Economics Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University within the framework of students' scientific problem groups, Department of Management and Marketing held a roundtable on "The tariff system of remuneration: viability and features of enterprises and organizations of various topics and styles."

Dean of the faculty of Economics, professor Alla Cherep noted that the widespread use of tariff wage system today testifies about its enough versatility and viability. An important and interesting, according to Alla Vasylivna is studying the practical aspects of a tariff system based businesses and organizations belonging to the sphere of state regulation and contractual wages. First important students awareness on issues of regulation of wages, namely in the Labor Code of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On labor", "On Collective Agreements" CMU Resolution "On payment of workers from ETS classes and coefficients for employees of institutions and organizations of industries public sector "and other legal acts.
Also in the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of a tariff system of remuneration participated Head of Accounting and Audit Department, Professor Nadiya Shmyhol, Head of HR and Marketing Department, Ph.D., associate professor Valentyna Gelman, assistant of the Department of Financial and Economic Security and Projects Liliya Behter, responsible for the scientific work of the Department of Human Resources and Marketing postgraduate student Natalya Terentyeva.
In the roundtable discussion took an active part student youth of the faculty. The best recognized scientific reports of students of the specialty "Accounting and Auditing" Sergiy Zgurovsky on "Payment of employees of educational institutions and scientific institutions" and Mykhailo Vlasov on "Wages of workers of agriculture of Ukraine" and the students of the specialty "HR Management and Labour Economics" Anastasiya Volyk на тему
"Payroll of the staff involved in the areas of automotive and agricultural machine building" and Nataliya Hanayeva on "Peculiarities of wage workers of real sector of economy of Zaporizhzhya region". Organizers of the meeting of the round table "The tariff system of remuneration: viability and features of the enterprises and organizations of different topics and styles" set out to provide students and teachers of the Faculty of Economics of issues related to the content and substance of the tariff wage system, existing systems and forms of remuneration, benefits of the use of flexible tariff systems such payment, the international experience of its regulation, etc..
On materials of the round table discussion will be published a monograph, which will include the work of teachers and students of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU.

Nataliya Terentyeva

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