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In ZNU held a conference on common law

09.12.2013 17:15 Юридичний факультет «СПАС» звичаєве право

December 3 in ZNU held the traditional scientific-practical conference "Common law. From past to present". It is organized and conducted by scientists of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Physical Education of our university, representatives of the Ukrainian Federation "SPAS" and NGO "Zaporizhzhya vector" with the support of Zaporizhzhya Regional Administration and Administration of ZNU.

For the fourth consecutive year on the basis of ZNU held this event, every year it becomes the scale and popularity. Issues and problems that have been proposed for discussion during the conference on common law, now attracting the attention of the general public. Scope of the reports dealt with the natural law inherent in the Ukrainian mentality at the level of the concept of "fairness". Therefore, academics and civil society organizations have joined forces and directed them to the creation of a civil society that would exist on the principles of fairness and natural law.
The event brought together representatives of the regional administration, the Federation of Martial Arts "SPAS", our city lawyers, scientists of ZNU, Classic Private University and other universities, representatives of public organizations, historians and students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU. Coordinator - President of Ukrainian Federation "SPAS" Olexander Prytula - welcomed the participants and guests of the conference and presented the presidium, which includes: Head of the Public Council under ZODA Olexander Babych, Deputy Head of the NGO "Zaporizhzhya vector" Volodymyr Glazunov, associate professor of History and Theory of State and Law, professor Anzhela Sereda and KPU professor Sergiy Pyetkov.
Chairman of the Public Council under ZODA Olexander Babych addressed those present and said: "Our joint efforts directed for building of a civil society. Such a society based on the values ​​of ordinary people, the possibility of free expression of ideas and aspirations that must be heard as government representatives and legislators, and therefore - should be aimed at improving the quality of public life". A representative of the NGO "Zaporizhzhya vector" Volodymyr Glazunov also said that "Tradition is the beginning of common law". Professor Sergiy Pyetkov, addressing the young people who will soon take part in building the rule of law, said: "It is important to refer to the traditions of our ancestors, who during the Cossacks showed a model of true expression of national will". This practice now have to study descendants, and introduce it into reality while implementing in the field of legislation.
During the event, were awarded Student Lawyers of ZNU for the best work on common law. Awards and gifts from the federation "SPAS" and NGO "Zaporizhzhya vector" presented to students Anton Barlitu, Elmira Asadova, Danylo Tkachenko and others. It was also noted the fruitful activities of teachers and scholars of the Faculty of Law - Dean Tetyana Kolomoets and associate professor Anzhela Sereda.
Performed their reports, law students, who have studied the history of the legal relationship of the Cossack community, presented historical facts and cited examples of developing bilateral relations have made a finding on the relevance and application of common law traditions in modern legal practice. So, Ivan Shumeyko made ​​a report on "The common law as a phenomenon in the national legal system during the Cossacks period" while presenting those present an analysis of legal education in retrospect. He spoke about the importance of common law in the life of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks at all levels of society.
Mykyta Zhukov spoke of Zaporizhzhya Sich diplomacy, citing examples of solving problems and resolving conflicts with foreign countries. Oleksiy Kalonov based on historical facts, presented the audience with their own vision of the phenomenon of the emergence of the Cossacks and others. The original form of networking - staging - presented students Vitaliy Zuev, Mykyta Zhukov, Yulia Ptashnik and Anastasiya Boyko. They presented a modern vision "Program document "Universal"". In addition to the beneficial ownership and analytical materials, young lawyers have also demonstrated excellent elocution.
The nature and origin of the foundations of the common law in the philosophical aspect, reviewed the applicant of the Philosophy Department Olena Khlystun in the report "The problem of ariyizm in social science literature".
At the end of the conference was held a roundtable discussion with the participation of representatives of the regional administration of "SPAS", public organizations, scientists and historians. Together they solve the practical application of the conclusions of the conference.

Olena Khlystun

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