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Bryusov literary matinee - a new perspective on classical poetry

10.12.2013 10:49 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет брюсовські читання

In the premise of reading room of philological sciences in Scientific library of ZNU December 9 held Bryusov literary matinee. At the Philological Faculty and at the Department of Russian Philology has become a good tradition to hold similar events dedicated to the works of well-known classics.

The event was attended by co-ordinator – associate professor of Russian Philology Department Oksana Temna – and students-philologists. While cultural and educational meeting held literary matinee of Valeriy Bryusov, Discussion and debate over its controversial figure in Russian literature of the late XIX - early XX century.
Writer, critic, and editor of the journal "Libra" Valeriy Bryusov proclaimed himself as the "leader" of symbolism. Own judgments and opinions about whether Bryusov himself was actually a symbolist in the usual sense, expressed Russian philologists. We can not accept the fact that the writer has influenced by the French Symbolist poetry - Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and other. But it was definitely rethought in his poetry, what speakers also emphasized, in particular Inna Bagaeva ("V. Bryusov and symbolism"). In his work also traced acmeism features and impressionism. Major influence on the poet's poetry had A. Fet, as discussed in the report of Kateryna Sheluntsova.
Students are not left unattended also love lyrics of Bryusov and conflicts presented in the novel "The Fiery Angel". On the development of relationships and contradictions in the views of significant figures as Valeriy Bryusov and Maryna Tsvetaeva, told Nataliya Smordova.
Literary matinee is an informal event in which takes place free communication of representatives of senior and junior students of the Faculty of Philology.
Such measures are not only educational in character, but also contribute the formation of opinion and certain perspective of future specialists. ZNU Scientific library staff prepared a specialized exhibition, so all interested persons had an opportunity to be acquainted with the works and scientific materials of the author.

Olena Khlystun

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