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Literary evening to 180th anniversary of the birth of Marko Vovchok

19.12.2013 10:31 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет творчий вечір

December 18 at the Philological Faculty of ZNU held creative evening dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the birth of the famous Ukrainian writer Marko Vovchok (Mariya Vilinska). Sophomores of the specialty "Ukrainian language and literature", led by associate professor of Ukrainian Literature Department, Valentyna Kravchenko chosen to highlight one of the important pages in the biography of the writer - her relationship with Taras Shevchenko, who highly valued her work.

Students Yuliya Cheboray, Anna Zabroda, Anna Taran, Margaryta Tarasova, Dariya Klipilina, Dariya Korovka, Veronika Savchenko and Hanna Nesterenko reminded fellow students and guests of the event - teachers and students of other courses of the Faculty of Philology - the key moments of life and career of Marko Vovchok, the impact of the works on the development of Ukrainian literature and the rave reviews of her works of Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka, Panteleimon Kulish and other writres.
Special attention in students speeches was paid to familiarity with Taras Shevchenko, to whom made ​​a great impression the first book of Mariya Vilinska "Folk Tales". In particular, they reminded the audience that received by Panteleimon Kulish editing work of Marko Vovchok "Instytutka" (The schoolgirl), Taras Shevchenko refused to change a single word. He also advised to Ivan Turgenev, who asked whomsoever of writers worth reading to learn Ukrainian, refer to the works of Marko Vovchok. This writer called a spiritual daughter of Kobzar. Mariya Vilinska, in turn, is extremely highly valued Kobzar and the news of his death was perceived as a great sorrow.
Alina Boeva, illustrating stories about the most important moments in the life of the writer, gave a quote from her letters. Alina Hredzhuk recited a poem by Taras Shevchenko dedicated to Marko Vovchok and Nina Levadina – excerpt from the famous fairy tale of the writer "Karmelyuk". Also, students Anastasiya Volchkova, Anastasiya Fedorova, Veronika Kulakova and Olga Kulyk staged an excerpt from the story "Horpyna". The evening was accompanied by a presentation prepared by Liliya Miroshnychenko.
The audience rewarded participants of creative evening with loud applause and thanked them for the interesting event.

Tamila Tarasenko

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