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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Photos of ZNU press photographer Vasyl Bychenko entered to Zaporizhzhya anniversary exposition photo club members

Photos of ZNU press photographer Vasyl Bychenko entered to Zaporizhzhya anniversary exposition photo club members

11.01.2014 10:37

January 10 at the Exhibition Hall of Zaporizhzhya Regional Branch of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine held the official opening of the second part of members exhibition works of Zaporizhzhya photo club, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the organization. Among the artists whose work was featured at the discretion of the numerous visitors and local media, was a photographer for the press center of Zaporizhzhya National University Vasyl Bychenko.

By the way, photo works of Vasyl Mykhailovych took a greater number of seats in the anniversary exposition of the club. January 5 Vasyl Bychenko 70 years old, so his birthday almost half a century coincided with observance of the founding of the organization, and participation in the exhibition allowed the birthday once again demonstrate its significant achievements in photo art.
Chairman of Zaporizhzhya Regional National Union of Photographers of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya honorary citizen Oleg Burbovsky in an interview with local television and print media talked about the concept of the exhibition, noted: its organizers have set themselves the task to acquaint the audience with all the versatility of art works created by photographers of Zaporizhzhya region. Oleg Oleksandrovych in his speech also touched on the work of different photographers. Also, he said about special achievements of Vasyl Bychenko whose work often occupied prizes at prestigious photo contests and noted, that Vasyl Mykhailovych well known as a talented and versatile artist, not only in our region but also far beyond.
To greetings of a jubilarian also joined colleagues of Vasyl Bychenko who particular noted his contribution to the development of sports photography. They also stressed that the picture stories of many iconic hero of the day for our field events are well known not only by his colleagues but also to the general public due to its long-term cooperation with leading local media.
During the event, talked about the upcoming book presentation, which will include information on the leading photographers of Zaporizhzhya as well as their significant work. To the publication will include photos of Vasyl Bychenko.

Tamila Tarasenko