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Students of the Faculty of History investigated a fashion history during World War I

12.02.2014 10:21 All Faculties History Історичний факультет НТСА

Round table students' discussoin - members of the Faculty of History of SCSP, which took place on 11 February, was devoted to an interesting topic - "Fashion of the First World War as a socio-cultural phenomenon". The initiator of the event was the 3rd year student Yuliya Hlushko, who is engaged in research work on the topic of fashion post-war period.

Discussing trends and prospects the fashion XX-XXI century, the meeting noted that the events of the First World War greatly influenced the whole course of modern history, including - determined the development of world fashion. During the event, presentations were made by students of the Faculty of History: Svitlana Salakhan on "Overview of the fashion 20's of the twentieth century", Olha Sakhno - "Soviet fashion of the 20's of the twentieth century" and Mariya Shtenhyelova, who spoke about the origins of the style "Garson".
Speakers stressed that the results of the First World War were decisive in the fight for women's equal rights: a period when a beautiful half of humanity has been forced to take the place of men in the workplace, in the office and even on the front. As radically changed lifestyle, significant changes have occurred in women's fashion. At this time, there is a tendency to minimize, women's clothing loses its glory and discomfort during dressing. During the war and early postwar years, in the early Soviet period in fashion includes suits sack, military cloth, leather commissar jackets, narrow skirt, red scarves and more. But eventually returns demand for dresses that were shorter and more convenient.
Since the 20's there is a transition to mass production of clothing, and in 1923 published the first Soviet fashion magazine "Atelier". Since the beginning of the NEP in the Soviet fashion gradually starting to enter the world fashion trends. Thus, the style of "Garson" - so-called style "women-boy", were founded by Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel - adds elegance and relaxation to postwar fashion. Later it developed into a style that blurs the lines between male and female daily fashion (Yves Saint Laurent, 70th years), a new surge of this line falls on the 90th of the last century.
The speakers also answered questions and discussed the impact of the events of world history in the fashion trends of the last century. The participants stressed that the study of modern fashion period is of great importance in the history of life.

Olena Khlystun

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