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Zaporizhzhya National University makes new steps toward energy saving

12.02.2014 15:26 лабораторія з енергозбереження та енергоефективності енергоефективність

Efficient use of energy resources is a priority of our university. Therefore, Zaporizhzhya National University for a long time carries out energy saving program and has its own work in this area.

However, Zaporizhzhya National University is not going to stop there. Thus, according to the Laboratory for Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency of ZNU, the next step in the rational use of electricity and heating is certification of buildings of ZNU under the rules of Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council from 16 December 2002. In adopting this standard MEPs set out to contribute to the improvement of the energy state of the buildings within the European Community on the basis of external climatic and local conditions, as well as requirements for indoor climate and profitability.
Program of Energy certification of buildings "Display" and the appropriate tools that were used during the certification of academic buildings in ZNU, were developed in 2003 with the participation of experts from 18 European countries and with the financial support of the European Commission. In particular, the poster "Display" displays and evaluates the appropriate scale not only specific values ​​of total energy consumption and related carbon dioxide emissions, but water consumption.
Today, according to a study of energy consumption indicators in our university, almost all academic buildings of ZNU for energy consumption received a grade of "B". However, it was discovered some disadvantages: the criterion of water consumption all investigated buildings belonging to the lowest class - "G". These results suggest that in all our cases, there is still untapped potential in the field of energy saving.
As for the high-end efficiency of our university in terms of energy consumption, such figures were made possible by a whole set of measures: implementation of management systems and control heating, replacement windows for energy-saving and installation of radiator thermostats.
For today specialists of Laboratory for Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency of ZNU certifications developed using open circuit demonstration of energy certification (passportization) buildings, designed in the framework of voluntary common European information campaign "Display". The results of this development is not only to illustrate the energy saving level of the University, but also is a direct appeal to every employee and university students.
Soon these energy certificates will be placed in prominent buildings in places for visitors. This will be done for the general public information on the use of energy resources of the university. Due to these "displays" all interested persons can obtain information on consumption of energy, water and fuel heating systems and air-conditioning. According to the developers, this should prevent the excessive use of energy, and encourage the public to implement steps to improve the energy characteristics of buildings. In addition, the laboratory staff aim to provide a comfortable environment for work and study at our university.

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