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Master class from the Head of the financial management of JSC "Zaporizhstal" Oleg Styopkin for Economics Faculty students

28.02.2014 14:13 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет майстер-клас

February 28at at the Economics Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University was held a master class for students from Honored Economist of Ukraine, Head of the financial management of JSC "Zaporizhstal" Oleg Styopkin. The event brought together a large number of students - not just students, but also members of the teaching faculty.

At the beginning of meeting Dean of the Faculty of Economics, professor Alla Cherep presented those present the guest and noted: «It is nice that between the Faculty of Economics and JSC "Zaporizhstal" there are partnerships that I hope will continue to grow stronger». So, Oleg Styopkin spoke about the organization of the unit it controls, and the whole plant as a whole. He outlined the responsibilities of different levels of employees in order to improve the enterprise and increase efficient production. In the case studies identified the role, gave the results of the implementation and use of planning and analysis, which is widely used today for "Zaporizhstal". The story was accompanied by a video presentation of Oleg Viktorovych, so everyone had a chance to review the material.
At the end of the report all interested persons had an opportunity to ask Oleg Styopkin. Several questions that put the guest Dean of the Faculty Alla Cherep, caused a lively discussion among the participants and discussion. Also, the questions raised by representatives of the teaching staff and students of economics. Most of the participants were interested in: authorship system development planning and analysis; innovation and enterprise innovation; ecology - emissions and measures to prevent them; sales of products and customers, etc. Particularly interested participants discuss training company - welcome young professionals, system of bonuses of employees, quality labor and pay, etc.
Alla Cherep at the end of the event thanked the guests for an interesting story and invited to participate in future workshops.

Kseniya Nazarenko

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